Amanda Lear was Dali’s muse and lover, a disco queen in the 70’s. She dated the Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones, had an affair with David Bowie, was engaged to Bryan Ferry, and in addition to being a model, she was possibly, but never confirmed, a transsexual.

In early 1965 Amanda did her first modeling assignment walking for rising star Paco Rabanne, and went on to lead a bohemian and flamboyant life in the Swinging London of the Sixties.

Modeling for Ossie Clark.

Lear’s acquaintances at this time included The Beatles and fellow top models like Twiggy, Pattie Boyd and Anita Pallenberg. She became a stalwart of London’s nightclub circuit and a regular fixture in the gossip columns.

With John Lennon and George Harrison.

Lear was first introduced to Salvador Dalí in 1965, while clubbing at Le Castel in Paris. Dalí, at the time some 40 years her senior, was struck by Lear’s looks.

Although Amanda remained Dalí’s confidante, protégée and mistress through the 1960s and 1970s, Lear was also romantically linked to Brian Jones, resulting in the ironic Rolling Stones track “Miss Amanda Jones”.

During the 70’s Amanda Lear was known as Paris’ greatest stripper.

In 1975, encouraged by boyfriend David Bowie, who paid for singing and dancing lessons, Lear decided to launch a career in music.

In 1973 Lear was briefly engaged to party animal Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music, and was famously depicted posing in a skintight leather dress leading a black panther on a leash on the cover of the band’s classic rock album “For Your Pleasure.”