Danni Lyon rode with The Chicago Outlaw Motorcycle Club himself in 1965-1966 and was able to capture intimate moments for his seminal collection, The Bikeriders, 1968.

DANNI LYON photography bikeriders Crossing the Ohio.
DANNI LYON photography bikeriders Indiana. 1965. Sparky.

In addition to The Bikeriders, Lyon has published a number of photographic books based upon his experiences with a group of people or in a particular place. The Movement (1964), about the Civil Rights movement, and Conversations with the Dead (1971), a study of life in Texas prisons.

DANNI LYON photography bikeriders USA. Louisville, Kentucky. 1966. From Lindsey's room.

Lyon has been quoted saying “I was a bike rider, a photographer and a history student, probably in that order”.

USA. Elkhorn, Wisconsin. 1966. Cal.

Self-taught, and driven by his passion for social change and photography, the power of Lyon’s work derives from his willingness of immerse himself entirely in the cultures and communities he documents.

DANNI LYON photography bikeriders USA. Elkhorn, Wisconsin. 1965. Zipco.
USA. Chicago. 1965. Joey and his girl, South Chicago.
DANNI LYON photography bikeriders USA. Chicago. 1966. Barbara at the clubhouse.
USA. Prairieville, Louisiana. 1964.
DANNI LYON photography bikeriders USA. Wisconsin. 1965. Route 12.
USA. Chicago, Illinois. 1965. Benny, Grand and Division. photography the bikeriders
USA. Detroit, Michigan. 1965. Renegade's funeral.
USA. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.1965. Memorial day run.

“The sign at the entrance to my gym locker room says, “no cell phones please, cell phones are cameras.” They are not. A camera is a Nikon or a Leica or Rolleiflex, and when you strike someone with one, they know they have been hit with something substantial.”
– Danni Lyon.