Frank Müller, architect and hipster extrordinaire, talked to Formidable about architecture and life in general.


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For­mi­da­ble. What was your first cre­ative drive?

Frank Müller. When I was a small child I already was into building houses, with Lego and other toys. It was all a very intuitive.

F. Is there a defining moment that made you realize art was your thing?

F.M. It’s been more like a process. Architecture’s always been around me some how.

F. Inspi­ra­tional artists?

F.M. Alvar Aalto, Rem Koolhaas and Eduardo Arroyo for whim I used to work. Although this is just a random selection of architects that inspired me.

F. How would you define your work?

F.M. I’m the office’s jack of all trades. And I really like it because it really allows me to stay in touch with the production side of the projects. Other wise it’s only designing and management.

F. What’s in your playlist?

F.M. Lately and listening to a lot of Scandinavian music, also Tricky and Nicolas Jaar.

F. What film is your life like?

F.M. Definitely not Ground Hog Day.

F. How is a day in the life of Frank Müller?

F.M. Cycling to work after having my cereals at home and browsing the news. Lunch in the office or somewhere around Malasaña or Conde Duque like La Gustava. Meeting up with friends after work or heading to the gym.

F. Best and worst night out?

F.M. Best night is when you meet your friends, go grab a bite and see what the night may bring, serendipity. Worse night. Well… It’s a long working day that extends into the night. Fortunately it doesn’t happen too often.

F. What do you love and hate about Madrid?

F.M. I love Madrid’s people and energy, it’s really easy to meet new people all the time. The worse about it would be its government, and it really could be more bike friendly and sustainable.

F. Our motto is “A life less ordi­nary”, what makes life less ordinary?

F.M. I must say I really like this motto. What makes life less ordinary is to have the choice to choose your own path. Not everybody needs to follow the path society has ready for us.

W: Totale

Vienna University of economics, Executive academy. NO.MAD Arquitectos – Eduardo Arroyo.

Fotography: Roland Halbe.

SO: Dämmerung Totale

4. OG: Flur

6. OG: Spiegelsaal

EG: Foyer

6. OG: Auditorium

All portrait photography and interview by Juan Barte.