Portrait photography and interview by BARTE.





Formidable Magazine. What was your first creative drive?
Lucía Alonso. I don’t quite remember. I guess I always felt the need to express myself, dancing, writing, painting…

F.M. Is there a defining moment that made you realize art was your thing?
L.A. There isn’t really. I know myself, and I know I couldn’t’t do any other thing. It’s what makes me feel alive.

F.M. How would you define your work?
L.A. My work reflects on the human condition from its closest possible approach. I use my own experiences and observations to raise unanswerable questions through painting and poetry.

F.M. Inspirational artists?
L.A. I always work with music, both the music and the lyrics of Leonard Cohen and John Frusciante are a very big inspiration. Alex Kanevsky paintings are really intense, I love it. And of course Walt Whitman’s poetry.

F.M. What’s in your play list?
L.A. It is a tough question for me because music is always there with me, so it’s very diverse. Now I hear lots of Junip, Alt j… Leonard Cohen is a must and I’m currently hooked on “life in the vivid dream” Grimes latest album.

F.M. How is a day in the life of Lucía Alonso?
L.A. I’m very messy generaly speaking, so everyday is different. I work in the studio, some other times I work at home. I like it when there is something new going on everyday.

F.M. What film is your life like?
L.A. My absolute favorite is Himmel Über Berlin (Wings of Desire) by Win Wenders. It’s a perfect film, and it’s a bit like my life.

F.M. Best and worst night out?
L.A. The best night is when something special or different happens, something that make you feel alive. The worst night could be when exactly the opposite happens, when it’s the same old same night after night.

F.M. What do you love and hate about Madrid?
L.A. There is no ocean here, I hate it. I come from a coastal town, and I really miss it. Don’t take me wrong, I like the big city life, specially walking in the crowd feeling anonymous.

F.M. Our motto is “A life less ordinary”, what makes life less ordinary?
L.A. It’s believing that everything is special, all that comes to your life is special, living your life to the fullest.


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