Uschi Obermaier was a key figure of the sexual revolution, even influencing John Lennon and Yoko Ono with her credo of free love. She is known to have had affairs with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Jimi Hendrix. She epitomized the bohemian look and lifestyle, she spent most of her time traveling, and even joined The Rolling Stones on their 1975 world tour.

Uschi worked as an apprentice in photo restoration, however, it was not long before she gave that up to pursue modelling. She was ‘discovered’ by Twen magazine, and quickly found international fame as a top model. Later she was the first to dawn full frontal nudity on a magazine cover in June 1969 for Twen.

53_2_uschi obermeier model

54_3_uschi obermeier november 1968 twen

Uschi Obermaier reading a book sexy outfit

60_9_Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1-Uschi_Obermaier

Kommune 1 was the first politically motivated commune in Germany, founded by nine men and women in Berlin in 1967. There were no doors, no property and no privacy, everything was shared and exercised openly as a counter-model to the “conservative” cultural norm. The media took to beautiful lovers Rainer Langhans and Uschi Obermaier who spoke openly about their eccentric relationship, becoming symbols of the sexual revolution and the poster-children of sixties commune culture.

Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1-kommune1-5

Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1-1969

Kommune+1+1969-Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans

Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1-berlin

Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1-berlin

62_1_kommune1_Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1

63_2_Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1

64_3_Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans-komune1

65_4_Uschi Obermaier-Rainer Langhans plying sitar kommune 1

66_5_uschi-obermaier street demostration berlin

67_6_wermer bokelberg-uschi obermaier

Modeling for photographer Werner Bokelberg, 1969.

wermer bokelberg-uschi obermaier

69_8_wermer bokelberg-uschi obermaier

71_0_Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-196969img512

72_1_Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-1969

Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-1969

74_3_Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-196972img516-1

75_4_Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-1969

76_5_Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-196974img519

77_6_Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-196975img520

78_7_Bokelberg - Uschi Obermaier-196976img521-1

79_8_wermer bokelberg-uschi obermaier-contact sheet

Uschi Obermaier tween magazine cover

Uschi Obermaier tween magazine editorial

80_9_uschi obermeier miss komune

81_0_uschi obermeier model

uschi obermeier 70s

Uschi Obermaier on the beach boho style fashion shooting


Here with Rolling Stone Keith Richard.

keith richard-Uschi Obermaier

uschi obermeier fashion style icon

uschi obermeier smoking a joint

Uschi Obermaier_Photo magazine cover

uschi obermeier photo cover shooting

uschi obermeier on the beach

Rote Sonne film poster

Uschi Obermaier stars on this classic cult film directed by Rudolf Thome and written by Max Zihlmann in 1970.

uschi-obermaier in the film Rote Sonne

Rote Sonne juxtaposes the B-film crime and science fiction genres with early feminist fervor. With the tag line “Frei, wild, cool und tödlich” (free, wild, cool and deadly), it depicts a group of young women who decide to kill their boyfriends if they insist on a relationship lasting more than five days.

uschi-obermaier in the film Rote Sonne

uschi obermeier red sone volkswagen beetle scene

Uschi Obermaier - Vogue Magazine Pictorial [United States] (May 1973)

Uschi Obermaier. Vogue Magazine, United States. May 1973.

Uschi Obermaier - Lui Magazine 1973 - editorial

French magazine Lui, 1973.

Uschi Obermaier drinking water from a tap nude

Uschi Obermaier topless photo editorial


97_6_Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 8.10.16 PM


I just wanted to be free I didn´t wanted to be a rebel I just wanted to be free And do things I wanted to do Without anyone hindering me I wanted to live the experiences in my own skin. It wasn´t enough for me to be told what it was, I had to experience it down to my own bones, to make a judgment for what I liked and didn´t like – Uschi Obermaier.