Veruschka, Countess Vera Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort, changed ­fashion for good. She was the first super model of the Sixties. Her 6 ft. 3 in. (190 cm) frame, with its improbably long limbs, was revolutionary at the time, ­following as it did the more womanly shapes of the models that came before her.

Veruschka on journal magazine cover

Her father, a German Count, was executed for attempting to assassinate Hitler in the 1944 plot, when Vera was five.

Veruschka close up portrait flower on lips

She was frequently shot by legendary photographers Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Irving Penn, earning her the status of an It girl in fashion.

Veruschka sitting on the ground

Veruschka boho style

Veruschka pink kaftan

Appearing on eleven Vogue covers, Veruschka epitomized the newly liberated woman of the sixties.

Veruschka pink hooded kaftan

Veruschka see though outfit clibing a tree

At 20, photographer Ugo Mulas discovered her on the street and soon she was modelling full-time.

Veruschka wind on her face

Veruschka posing next to a sumo wrestler

Veruschka posing topless next to a japanese elder man

Veruschka posing next to a yoggi

Veruschka yoga pose on a gold tray

Veruschka snake jumper

Veruschka snake jumper eating pasta

Veruschka snake jumper smoking

Veruschka posing wit a cheetah

In 1964, Diana Vreeland, the editor of American Vogue, discovered her and soon encouraged her to come up with her own ideas.

Veruschka radical eye make up

Veruschka boho chic gypset style

Veruschka with car

Veruschka on a traditional greek house rooftop mediterranean island

Veruschka on white bikini

Veruschka on a cliff far out outfit

Veruschka bkack dress triangular neckless

Veruschka blue dyed hair extensions

Veruschka yellow ford mustang

Veruschka yellow ford mustang


Veruschka vintage magazine ad

Veruschka profile portrait

Veruschka gypsy style

Veruschka standing on one leg posing for a fashion editorial

Veruschka gems nad beeds all over her body

Veruschka butterfly eye make up and accessorie

In 1966 she did her first shoot wearing nothing but body paint, and it became a lifelong artistic pursuit. Most of the time she did her own make-up, hair and styling.

Veruschka body painting blending into the landscape

In 1975, she decided to retire from modeling and rediscover her first passion: art. Collaborating with famed sculptor and painter Holger Trülzsch, von Lehndorff created a series of avant-garde nude self-portraits.

Veruschka body painting blending into a window

Veruschka transfigurations body painting blending into a wood door

Veruschka body painting blending into the landscape

Veruschka in brasil village street with donkey

Veruschka in brasil next to a kid with brimbao cappoeira music instrument

Veruschka in furs

Veruschka big hair radical eye make up

“In the Sixties, fashion was about liberation. It was about setting women free; it wasn’t about being unable to walk.” -Veruschka von Lehndorff.


Veruschka in film blow up fashion shooting scene

Also in 1966, she was cast as herself for Michelangelo Antonioni’s film Blow-Up; she had only a scene in the movie, but it’s usually voted as one of the sexiest scenes in the cinematic history.

Veruschka in film blow up set

Veruschka in film blow up fashion shooting scene

Veruschka in film blow up fashion shooting scene

Veruschka in film blow up fashion shooting scene

Veruschka dressed up as mao concept by dali

Veruschka as Chairman Mao from an issue of French Vogue 1971, photo by Alex Chatelain. The concept was Salvador Dali’s idea!

Veruschka poesia de una donna fim soundtrack album cover

In 1971, Veruschka starred in the film Poetry of a Woman directed by fashion photographer and boyfriend Franco Rubartelli, with soundtrack by master Ennio Morricone.

Veruschka in film salome scene decapitated

In the film Salomé, 1972.