Frank Stella reacted in the late 50’s, against the expressive use of paint by the abstract expressionists. He began emphasized the picture-as-object, rather than the picture as a representation of something physical or emotional.

frank stella at work

modern american artist frank stella brush painting in his new york studio

Frank Stella photographed by Ugo Mulas at work in his New York studio.

modern american artist frank stella artwork

amereican artist frank stella  at work in his new yorl studio

Frank Stella gained recognition with his series of coolly impersonal black striped paintings which follow a natural progression of dynamism, tactility, and scale: first, by expanding his initial monochrome palette to bright colors, and, later, moving painting into the third dimension through the incorporation of other, non-painterly elements onto the canvas.

modern american artist frank stella brush paintin in his new york studio

Stella’s paintings of interlocking vectors and parallel stripes in crazy right-angled patterns loom like cold iconsindestructible, aloof hieroglyphs that stand outside of time and space. His art transcends the boundaries between painting, sculpture and architecture.

abstract minimalist artist frank stella brush paintin in his new york studiov

” There’s always been a trend toward simpler painting and it was bound to happen one way or another. Whenever painting gets complicated, like Abstract-Expressionism, or Surrealism, there’s going to be someone who’s not painting complicated paintings, someone who’s trying to simplify.” -Frank Stella.

abstract painting by frank stella

Stella’s virtually relentless experimentation has made him a key figure in American modernism, helping give rise to such developments as Minimalism, Post-Painterly Abstraction, and Color Field painting.

Frank Stella Abra Variation I 1969

Frank Stella Grey Scrambled Double Square 1964

Frank Stella Untitled (1963) sketch

Frank Stella V Series 1968

frank stella sketch

abstract painting by frank stella  abstract painting by frank stella

In 1970, at age 34, Stella became the youngest artist to be given a full-scale retrospective at MOMA.

abstract painting by frank stella