Peter Vetsch earth house  are based on an environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architecture. They stand out due to their closeness to nature and allow an experience beyond the usual four walls and their right angles. The earth house is shaped in order to preserve the natural environment.


Free-form organic design. Earth houses. – Livegreen Blog. Not far from the hustle and bustle of Zurich, in Dietikon, this oasis of peace and quiet is a haven for undulating green rooftops hiding unusual dwellings inspired by cave houses, resulting from a careful study of history: from the mudbrick huts in Africa to the drystone “trulli” in Puglia.

Peter Vetsch fire place

Peter Vetsch house plan

Peter Vetsch map

Compared to traditional residential houses built on the ground, the aim of building an earth house is not to live under or in the ground, but with it. If ground and house are separated, a house is built “into the air”, resulting in the loss of heat, humidity and lifespan. The earth-house concept uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion.

Peter Vetsch buiding plan

Peter Vetsch -Mesh_structure

Peter Vetsch-bathroom