Soledad Lorenzo. After a twenty-six year career dedicated to artists like Palazuelo, Uslé, Sicilia, Barceló or Brotos, one can say without fear of contradiction, that Soledad Lorenzo has shaped the Spanish contemporary art scene since she opened her own gallery in 1986. Last December Soledad closed the doors of her gallery. Photographer Juan Barte did her last photo shooting while still active, and her first shooting at her home in Madrid with the gallery now closed.


Formidable Mag: What was your first approach to art?
Soledad Lorenzo: My dad was an art collector, so the house was packed with art and books. Also some of my dad’s friends were artists, so there was a lot of talking about art, film, and culture in general.

F.M: Is there a defining moment that made you realize art was your path?
S.L: I always follow whatever path life takes me through. So serendepity is crucial to me. One day Fernando Guereta told me I was best possible person to work in he gallery. When I told him I knew nothing about art, he just said… so much the better.


F.M: What do you look for on an artist?
S.L: The artist mind, to me is more important the artist than his or her work.

F.M: You mentioned serendepity as a key factor in your life. What’s azar for you?
S.L: As much of the population, I never had a set goal in my life, so azar is everything for me.


F.M: How is a day in the life of Soledad Lorenzo?
S.L: My gallery is my life. It’s only Sundays I have for myself, and then I love to go to the movies. I truly think today’s cinema is the best ever.

F.M: What you like best of Madrid?
S.L: I love its people, their energy, their passion and coriousity about things.

F.M: What do you like the least about Madrid?
S.L: Exactly the same (laughs), people are very passionate, so they get interested on something as fast as they get bored with it.


F.M: What makes a perfect day for Soledad Lorenzo?
S.L: I’m very happy because I love what I do, I think it’s a privilige. So every day is perfect.

F.M: Our motto is “A life less ordi­nary”, what makes life less ordinary?
S.L: Knolowedge. Any set back in life can be overcome with knolowedge, intelegenge and culture.