Zony Gómez. Portrait photography and interview by BARTE.
The Straight-Up series by Juan Barte is part of his long-term project “Enjoy”; An exploration of individual freedom through some of Madrid’s new art scene key individuals. Follow Enjoy progress on Barte’s web, and also on his Instagram.

Zony’s work is a research through performance on desire and affection in the online environment. In his own words “It’s a personal take from a gay white male perspective, on the possibilities of performance, poetry and art as a whole in our relationship as a society with social media”.

Formidable Mag: What was your first creative impulse?
Zony Gómez: I guess it was my love for interior decor.

FM: Is there some epiphany moment that made you realize art would be your way?
ZG: I was working in advertising and I realized I needed to express myself in a less restrictive way. Art allows me to do so.

FM: Inspirational artists?
ZG: The artist’s that really influence me a those around me, artists with whom I share my studio space, colleagues or those I meet though residency programs

FM: How would you define your work?
ZG: Deeply personal and somehow disturbing.

FM: Is there a particular book or reading that helped you define your practice?
ZG: Not really. When I did my master on Performing Arts at MNCARS I wrote a paper stating that I prefer to quote from the online swaggers to Foucault or Derrida. So my work it’s influenced by all I see and read, no matter how shallow it may be.

FM: Is there a concept, vision, discourse, overture, etc. that allows you to keep a consistent body of work from one project to the next, and throughout the years?
ZG: Love, and everything within it, like heartbreak or goods deeds we do out of love.

FM: Would you say your studio setting influences your work?
ZG: Actually it does, my work is determined by my environment; physically, financially and technically. For example, I always try to work at minimal cost, so this alone has a huge impact in my output.

FM: Is the studio just a place for production or also inspiration is inherent to the studio space?
ZG: Well, The base concept for my projects are always in my head. So this could happen anywhere. But it’s in the studio where everything take its final form. So I guess, the studio has an influence in this final stage.

FM: Did you have a plan for the layout of your studio or did it develop organically?
ZG: It’s ever-changing, it actually changes every time I look around longer than 10 minutes.

FM: How is a day in the life of Zony Gómez?
ZG: I’ve been extremely lucky in the past year. I opened a space for artists residency so my main occupation has been to support and art direct the artists in this residency program.

FM: Best and worst night out?
ZG: The Best night is when a crack up for real, and worst night is when there is nothing fun going on.

FM: What do you love and hate about Madrid?
ZG: What I like the most is all the choices Madrid offers in terms of entertainment, people, food… The worst of Madrid is exactly that, sometime all this possibilities may be numbing.

FM: What’s on your playlist?
ZG: Lately I like Agnes Obel a lot.

FM: Our motto is “A life less ordinary”, what makes life less ordinary/worth living?
ZG: Working on what I really like, and all the great new art experiences I’m living everyday