andre-courreges hat and dress

andre-courreges wearing his own designed shades

André Courrèges was one of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th century; in the mid-1960s he changed the way women dressed, and did so almost overnight. His designs included angular mini dresses and trouser suits. Many of the outfits had cut-out midriffs and backs and were worn without a bra. These were matched with flat boots, goggles and helmets taken from the equipment worn by astronauts. The stark shapes and white and silver color scheme immediately earned the name Space Age.

designer André Courrèges triangle shaped shift dress

André Courrèges brought us the triangle shaped shift dress as the defining silhouette for the 60’s. He privileged geometric forms and primary colours and worshiped the modernist architect and designer Le Corbusier.

The hat that Audrey Herpburn “How to Steal a Million”, 1965, true inspiration for designer André Courrèges.

The hat that Audrey used in “How to Steal a Million”, 1965, was, according to Givenchy’s Hubert, the true inspiration for the futuristic style of André Courrèges.

the futuristic style hat of André Courrèges sixties fashion

Courrèges thought the designer, not the client, knew best, and proudly refused to negotiate changes in his styles with the Duchess of Windsor. He liked to compare his atelier to a laboratory.

the futuristic style shades of fashion designer André Courrèges

André Courrèges Eskimo or Eclipse or Slit white sunglasses, 1965.

Danish model Lotte Tarp wearing André Courrèges shades and costume with Salvador Dalì in his house in Port Ligat, Spain

Danish model Lotte Tarp wearing André Courrèges shades and costume with Salvador Dalì in his house in Port Ligat, Spain.

 André Courrèges cat walk model futuristic style 60s André Courrèges cat walk models color photo

 André Courrèges  model flower pockets    André Courrèges futuristic 60s fashion models  André Courrèges cat walk models

 André Courrèges cat walk black model yellow rain coat

He once said: “My problem is not rich embroidery, useless lavishness. It is to harmoniously resolve functional problems, just like the engineer who designs a plane.”

 André Courrèges  model sculpture André Courrèges strao dress see through model

 André Courrèges photo shooting    André Courrèges three hole model

 André Courrèges cat walk model

 André Courrèges hat

 André Courrèges classic model

 André Courrèges coat one pocket

 André Courrèges cat walk model  + art

 André Courrèges

 André Courrèges fashion shooting

 André Courrèges jumping models in fashion shooting

 André Courrèges straight hair cut model

 André Courrèges shades model

 André Courrèges wool model

His clothes are forever absolutely emblematic of their time, at times he has been referenced by everyone from Marc Jacobs to Karl Lagerfeld and, at its height, was one of the key couturiers for the jet set. Rose and Jacqueline Kennedy, Gloria Guinness, Paulette Goddard, Françoise Hardy, the Duchess of Windsor and Lee Radziwill were among those who wore his designs.




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