MORE 1969

More 1969, a film directed by Barbet Schroeder, released in 1969. Starring Mimsy Farmer and Klaus Grünber. Minsy and Klaus end up in Ibiza, Spain.  We can see sixties Ibiza untouched by mass tourism and ravers, an Ibiza populated by the locals, bohemian hippies and odd characters. More is a fantastic example of 60s counterculture cinema.




more 1969 pink floyd album cover

The fim’s soundtrack was written and performed by Pink Floyd. The film features songs not heard on the soundtrack album,most notably the never-released “Seabirds”, and some cuts with different mixes, like “Cymbaline” with Waters on lead vocals. Film director Barbet Schroeder is not serving any script, rather he is capturing a mood, the story is incidental to the music.

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american actrees Mimsy Farmer in dalt vila ibiza on the set of more 1969 waring sunglasses

Mimsy Farmer plays her role with a cool and naturalness making her seem like the very incarnation of the sixties spirit both the creative and destructive side of it.

more 1969 party scene smoking marihuana in a pipa

more 1969 smoking marihuana in a ibiza country house overlooking a cove

Ibiza’s landscape gives the cinematography of the film, by Nestor Alamendros, an almost mystical look at times.

more 1969 Mimsy Farmer wearing adlib ibiza fashion style

In the depths of the island, it’s paradise, the beach, the blue skies, the clear blue sea, and the simple and hedonistic way of life.

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