To celebrate Bauhaus’ 100th anniversaty Formidable Mag  joins indie pop/rock band Lionlion and their series of videos shot in some of the most iconic spaces designed under  the school’s principles.

Lionlion videos share the reduced and minimalistic design vocabulary of the famous modernist architectural style, which serves as a visual guideline and an encouragement to keep a clear head and arrange ones mindset. They just released the first out of 3 music videos: Oceans Rise, filmed in the Pescher House by Richard Neutra.

The mid-century modernist villa from 1968 provides the perfect backdrop to contrast interior with exterior, psyche with environment. The clean and crisp design of the building is juxtaposed with impressive shots of the open countryside. They travelled to the shores of Mallorca, Spain, shot in the majestic staircase of the Staatstheater Darmstadt and in a historical outdoor swimming pool near Frankfurt.

In this way, the video visualizes one of the design principles of the architect Richard Neutra: his ‘Biorealism’ aiming to bring the outside in, create a seamless connection with the natural surroundings and become one with your environment.

It fully connects with the lyrics of the song: It’s about perspective, the courage it takes to widen your horizon and see things from a different angle, and the freedom that comes with it.

Lionlion is a four-piece indie pop/rock band based out of the south of Germany, centred around the identical twins Michael & Matthias Rückert. Their world of sound combines the drive of Mutemath with the catchy melodies of Keane and the grandeur of Muse. With their second album ‘Oceans Rise & Fall’ (coming in fall 2019) they have found thesweet spot between poetry and objectivity, motion & rest, grand gestures and quietnuances.

This June, ‘Language’ will follow,  filmed in the Bauhaus-Hotel Haus des Volkes, built in Thuringia, Germany by Alfred Arndt.