Portrait photograpy and interview by BARTE.

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For­mi­da­ble. What was your first cre­ative drive?

Andrea Pancaldi. A drawing I did for my Mom when I was two, I still keep it.

F. What gets you to do art these days?

A.P. To express my own identity, feelings, or social issues. But what’s really keeping me going is to get reactions from the audience.

F. Inspi­ra­tional artists?

A. P. The Italian street artist Blu, I really admire him. Also my bodies Remed and 3ttman.

F. How would you define your work?

A. P. I like to communicate feelings and emotions with my work, in order do that I’m always open to try different ways in my work, may it be color, textures, illustration…

F. Favorite magazines?

A. P. 6am, it’s a skate mag, Agtador de Medio Ambiente edited by 3ttman, Vandal Vouyer, and Beautiful Losers, my favorite book.

F. What’s on your playlist?

A. P. Bob Marley, Aloe Black, Intuition, Adriano Celentano, Morandi, also salsa and bachata rhythms.

F. How is a day in the life of Andrea?

A. P. Now I’m in “parodise” (A mix of the Spanish word paro, unployment, and the English word paradise), I wake up in the morning, a smoke, coffee and on my way to the studio. Lunch with some friends, and biking around the Retiro park.

F. Best and worst night out?

A. P. Best would be a romantic night, I’m in love with Love. Of course a close second best is hanging out with my friends. Worst… I lost my wallet the other night, that’s the worst.

F. What do you love and hate about Madrid?

A. P. I love Malasaña hood, the is nothing like it in the world. The intense blue color of its sky, and how welcoming is everybody here. And I hate… the ocean, there is no ocean, and biking in traffic.

F. What film is your your life like?

A. P. I truly believ everyone of us are the director of our own movie, our life. So, no movie.

F. Our motto is “A life less ordi­nary”, what makes life less ordinary?

A. P. Having friends from all walks of life