Paco Rabanne, 1934, San Sebastian, Spain, used his architecture background to construct garments made of new materials and techniques. Rabanne always pushed the boundaries of fashion through constant experimentation designing truly unique pieces that, today, still influence fashion. Some of his most famous designs were made of plastic discs linked together with fine wires, and a modern version of the chain-mail using squares of aluminum strung together with metal chains and beads in between. His garments were often worn by influential models and celebrities such as Twiggy or his muse, the singer Francoise Hardy. Paco Rabanne put his imprint on the 60′s pop culture like no other designer.


Paco broke stablished norms bringing a fresh air of eccentricity, new personalities, and embracement of  new technologies into the fashion world. He was a controversial character, yet his aura continued shining over the following four decades.


A dress from Paco Rabanne’s first dress collection

A design from Paco Rabanne’s first dress collection.

Rabanne’s costumes with Salvador Dalí in Paris.

Again with Salvador Dalí, this time at his house in Port Ligat, Spain.

Paco’s early muse, pop singer, Francoise Hardy.

Françoise Hardy et la robe métallique de Paco rabanne


paco rabane-fracoise-hardy

Francoise Hardy, salvador dali and Paco Rabanne In France On May 19, 1968.

Francoise Hardy, Salvador Dalí and Paco Rabanne, May 19, 1968.

Rabanne’s designs for the cult film Barbarella, 1968. Directed by Roger Vadim, stars Jane Fonda as Barbarella, John Phillip Law as Pygar, the angel Anita Pallenberg (dubbed by Joan Greenwood) as The Great Tyrant, Black Queen of Sogo.

Jane Fonda as Barbarella in Paco Rabanne, 1968


Guard girls wearing Paco Rabanne in Casino Royale, 1967

Guard girls wearing Paco Rabanne in Casino Royale, 1967.

Audrey Hepburn wears Paco Rabanne in Two for the Road, 1967

Audrey Hepburn wears Paco Rabanne in Two for the Road, 1967.


paco rabanne

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Rabanne’s collaborative book with fashion photographer Jean Clemmer produced some of the more iconic fashion images of the late 1960s.

Briggite Bardot modeling for Paco Rabanne.