Stash De Rola, actually, Prince Stanislaus Klossowski de Rola – friend of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Syd Barrett, played percussion in Vince Taylor’s band, exotic dandy and lover, actor, musician, aristocrat and son of the controversial artist Balthus was the dandy aesthete of swinging London; Refined and rebellious, immaculately dressed and someone who everyone wanted to know.

stash de rola at olympia concert hall, paris

In late 1964, Stash joined The Playboys. When in 1965, Vince Taylor co-topped the bill with The Rolling Stones at Paris Olympia, Stash befriended Brian Jones and the rest of the band.

stash de rola 45rpm art cover

In late 1965 he recorded a solo single for Sonet label. The song was called P.E.A.C.E. and a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Chimes Of Freedom’ was recorded as a B-side.

stash de rola_brian jones_rolling stones_anita palemberg in a costume party

stash de rola in a car with rolling stone brian jones

stash de rola, anita pallemberg and brian jones sitting ata table having dinner

Here with Brian Jones and girlfriend Anita Pallemberg.

stash de rola walking down the street with Sir David Napley and Rolling Stones chauffeur Tom Keylock

Here with Sir David Napley and Rolling Stones chauffeur Tom Keylock, 1967.

stash de rola standing a the gate of a cathedral

stash de rola

stash de rola_brian jones_rolling stones leave the court

May 11th, 1967 – Brian and his friend and co-defendant Prince Stanislaus Klossowski De Rola, Baron de Watterville, leave West London Magistrates Court in Kensington.

stash de rola_brian jones_rolling stones leave the court

The two were remanded on bail until June 2, after appearing at a London Magistrates Court charged with being in possession of dangerous drugs, 50 grains of cannabis resin.

Rolling Stones Brian Jones, right, Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Baron de Watteville, in London on May 11, 1967.

stash de rola and the beatles john lennon and paul maccartney taking a break in a recording session

Here listening to the track “You Know My Name” in the recording studio with The Beatles.

Keith Richards, Paul McCartney and Stash De Rola at Olympia Studios in a recording session, London

In 1967 the artist Dudley Edwards and Stash de Rola moved in to Paul McCartney’s.  Stash — as he was known — had just been charged with possession of cocaine and cannabis, along with his friend, the Rolling Stone Brian Jones.

paul maccartney at the gate of his mannor

In St John’s Wood, the three men entertained what Stash describes as harems of girls, while Beatles fans camped outside, periodically bursting in through the gates. One night in May 1967, Paul, Dudley and Stash drove over to the Bag o’Nails, one of London’s trendy clubs, where Paul met an American photographer called Linda Eastman, who was in town shooting pictures of musicians. The rest is history.

de rola and romina power with a cat

The trial was a traumatic experience for Stash: Instead of starring in John Huston film in Hollywood with my fiancee Romina Power, I was deprived of my passport, forbidden to travel.

de rola sitting on a sofa holding a photo of Romina Power

holding photo of Romina Power.

stash de rola in his family mansion Villa Medici in bed with two model for playmen magazine

In 1967, Stash did an infamous photoshoot in his family mansion Villa Medici. The photos, initially intended for Playboy ,were aiming to outshine tasteless lifestyles of American playboys. Stash posed with models Marayat R. and Liz Thompson.

Emmanuelle Arsan photograaphs Stash De Rola with 2 model for playmen magazine

The project was abandoned halfway through, but the photographer, James Baes, sold the photos to Italian magazine Playmen in 1968. The photos caused scandal at the time and angered Stash’ father.

stash de rola siting on a bed with 2 naked models

de rola, Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and anita pallemberg with rabbits.

Here with Anita Pallenberg, Gerard Malanga, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol and ?, with rabbits.

stash de rola posing for a photo shooting

The early 1970’s brought a role in a Hollywood production Saturation 70 alongside Gram Parsons, playing in Joe Cocker’s band, hanging out with Marlon Brando numerous trips to Ceylon, and another drug bust, this time with Keith Richards in 1973.

saturation 70 film set

The film was shot, but never completed, at a 1969 UFO convention at Giant Rock, in the Mojave desert, and in Los Angeles. It tapped into the spectrum of esoteric interests such as aliens, psychedelics and time travel.

filming Saturation 70

Julian Jones, son of Brian Jones, and Ida Random stand with the National Guard off Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles, in a production still.

Escandalosa poster del director frances vadin film poster

De rola also performed in Roger Vadim’s La jeune fille assassinée, 1974.