Santa Kyra. Portrait photography and interview by BARTE.
The Straight-Up series by Juan Barte is part of his long-term project “Enjoy Madrid”; A soul-searching work of love exploring the path of art through some of Madrid’s new art scene key individuals. Follow Barte’s Enjoy Madrid progress on Instagram @Juan.barte.


Formidable Magazine. What was your first creative impulse?
Santa Kyra. I think everyone has that creative impulse in themselves since childhood. Once that need for creativity manifests itself you’ll have to live with it the rest of your life. I’d be a nobody without art. Actually, I have a love-hate relationship with art. I hate that urge to explore all kinds of creative fields, on the positive side it helps my mental health.

F.M. Is there some epiphany moment or experience that made you realize that art would be your way?
S.K. It all started with a depression, a period when I felt lost. Then I began playing with fashion and my personal style. I Began to break the gender fashion rules. Soon fashion was not enough and I started to get into film shooting my own short movies. These days I’m working with electronic music producer David Gosthing on an album that will be out soon.

F.M. How would you define your work?
S.K. To me, it’s almost therapy. All my work come from some sort of a crisis, and my projects are a way to overcome all these different crises.

F.M. Is Santa a gender bender?
S.K. I do not reject my nature, I’m a man who dresses without prejudice, I love my cock but I adore femininity … and femininity will be the future. Now they say I belong to a no binary gender, I find it funny, but also kind of fun … so why not?

F.M. Inspirational artists?
S.K. The late 70s punk movement is a big inspiration for me. Also the 90s teenager culture. Freddy Mercury, Gregg Araki …

F.M. Did you have a plan for the layout of your working space or did it develop organically?
S.K. My living space is also my working area, and everything, every detail is very well planned and thought through.

F.M. Who is Santa Kyra?
S.K. Being Santa is my favorite hobby. Actually, Santa saved my life. I’m Santa 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

F.M. How is a day in the life of Santa?
S.K. I have creative days, sad days, days when I decide to have fun with friends and days where I live like a true star. Those days are the best. I just come up with a crazy and fun look, it really makes a difference, it makes you feel special. Everybody should try it!

F.M. Best and worst night out?
S.K. The best night is in a club after performing, drinking with friends and going crazy. The worst night is going to bed without a reason to get up the morning after.

F.M. What do you love and hate about Madrid?
S.K. I do not consider Madrid, or any other city for that matter, to be something special to talk about. It’s the people who make the place. So it all depends on the people you interact with and whether you are able to be yourself among those people.

F.M. What’s in your DJ set?
S.K. I’ve always loved music and I have been very influenced by electronic music.

F.M. Our motto is “A life less ordinary”, what makes life less ordinary?
S.K. Life is not easy, moreover for people rather depressive like me. I led an ordinary life until I decided to change it out of sheer boredom. Art, fashion and living the moment, gave me all I needed to make my life worthwhile and as Formidable Magazine may say, less ordinary.

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