Dalila Virgolini

Formidable Mag. Is there some epiphany moment or experience that made you realize art would be your way?
Dalila Virgolini. No, I think it has been a gradual process from which I could not escape. I think it is simply a way of living and it is part of who you are.

F.M. How would you define your work?
D.V. As a daily exercise that I do to get closer to the world. To understand my own world. Above all, it is a game and an excuse.

artist danila virgolini holding a bouquette of flowers black and whte photo by juan barte

F.M. Inspirational artists?
D.V. I get inspiration from a lot of different places, not only -and mostly not- directly related to art in the “formal way”. I love and get a lot of inspiration from the gatherings/discussions we have with my true artists and friends Beatriz Lobo and José Luis Perez Santiago.

F.M. Much of your work focuses on digital identity. When and why did you start to work with identity in an artistic way?
D.V. I think I have always been more interested in individuals than in people. Getting to know individuals and their personal stories. But I talk about myself cause I’m the only one I know as well. And also it is a form of respect. I think personal image is so delicate and we’re all so vulnerable I would not know how to handle someone else`s image.  Working with digital identity is more kind of a coincidence of the time we live in. It is becoming more accepted as part of our current natural way of communicating and interacting. I think it makes no sense to see it as a separate thing when it is already an important part of our lives.

Dalila Virgolini

F.M. How did making this series changed the way you look at yourself?
I think it allows me to get to know my body and the way I look at it, but mostly to gain consciousness about being alive, my fantasies, desires, fears, worries…
Having taken so many selfies, on the contrary of what might seem, made me more detached from my image as personal identity. I’m not my body, but everything I include in all and every picture I have ever -and will ever- taken.

F.M. How do people tend to find your work, and get to know you?
Mostly on the internet. Im not currently proactively searching places to exhibit offline.

Dalila Virgolini

F.M . How is a day in the life of Dalila Virgolini?
I work at an office from Monday-Friday. And In general I stay home a lot. I’m sewing much lately, studying and taking selfies. I love breakfasts and baking. And cats and dogs. I work as a pet sitter whenever I can, if you, reader, have a pet, please consider me (I travel worldwide).

F.M. What do you love and hate about Madrid?
D.V. I love Calle Santa Isabel, including my beloved Cine Doré, and I hate it being so noisy.

Dalila Virgolini

F.M. What’s on your play list ?
D.V. Sean Nicholas Savage, Jessy Lanza, Jennifer Lopez, Mina.

F.M. Our motto is “A life less ordinary”, what makes life less ordinary?
D.V. Paying attention and being sensitive.